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1 January 1962


62 years, 3 month, 12 days, 13 hours, 4 minutes, 24 seconds.
22748 Total days.

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Jason Ballard, a distinguished American figure in politics and law, presently serves as the esteemed representative for the 12th district in the Virginia House of Delegates. His efficacy in public service garners widespread admiration, stemming from a rich background that encompasses both legal expertise and military service. While the exact date of his birth remains uncertain, it is surmised that he was born sometime between the 1950s and 1960s. With a Tentative Date of birth, he is aged 62 years, 3 month, 12 days today.

Jason Ballard’s educational journey led him through notable institutions, including Concord University, the West Virginia University College of Law, and the Judge Advocate General’s Legal Centre and School. His intellect is held in high regard, a testament to his exceptional capabilities. Serving in the United States Army, he contributed significantly to pivotal operations, further showcasing his commitment to duty.

Transitioning from the military to the legal realm, Ballard excelled as a partner at Headley Ballard LLC, amassing invaluable experience in the field. Subsequently, he redirected his talents towards a political career, aligning himself with the Republican Party. This shift marked a pivotal juncture in his trajectory, as he sought to enact meaningful change on a broader scale.

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In terms of physical attributes, Jason Ballard stands at an approximate height of 5 feet 9 inches, exuding a solid presence that complements his focused demeanor. Weighing in at around 74 kilograms, he embodies a balanced physique indicative of his disciplined approach. With a bald crown, his countenance exudes a certain gravitas, complemented by deep, discerning black eyes.

In matters of Religious faith, Ballard adheres to the Christian tradition, a cornerstone of his values and beliefs. His ethnicity is classified as American White, a testament to his cultural background and heritage. Beyond his professional endeavors, Ballard embraces a range of personal preferences. He expresses an affinity for American cuisine, displaying a penchant for the diverse flavors inherent to his homeland. Lisbon holds a special place in his heart, representing a favored destination that resonates with him on a profound level. Furthermore, his choice of colors leans towards the vibrant hue of red, evoking a sense of vitality and passion.

In the realm of entertainment, Ballard’s preferences lean towards distinguished figures in the industry. He holds Denzel Hayes Washington in high regard for his remarkable talent and contributions to cinema. Likewise, Nicole Mary Kidman, celebrated for her versatile acting prowess, earns his admiration. These preferences offer insight into his cultural sensibilities and the influences that shape his perspective.

As of 2023, Jason Ballard’s net worth is estimated to range between 4 to 7 million dollars, attesting to his financial acumen and success in various ventures. While details regarding his marital status, family, and personal relationships remain undisclosed, it is evident that his focus and dedication extend beyond his public role. Jason Ballard emerges as a figure of depth, combining intellectual prowess, military valor, legal expertise, and political acumen to serve as a beacon of inspiration for those he represents and beyond.

Stage Name Jason Ballard
Pet/Nickname Jason
Net Worth Yet To Update
Sex/Gender Male
Date of Birth 1958-1968
Birth Place USA
Zodiac/Star Sign Taurus
Currently Residing In (Address) USA
Nationality American
Caste N/A
Religion Christian
Alive/Dead Alive
Favorite Food American Cuisine

Relationship, Affairs And Family:

Marital Status Married
Girlfriend None
Wife Name Not Known
Children Not Revealed
Parents Father: – YTK

Mother: – YTK

Siblings Brother(s) : –
Sister(s) : – 
Favorite Actress Nicole Mary Kidman
Favorite Actor Denzel Hayes Washington

Physical Characteristics & Traits:

Skin Tone/Ethnicity Fair American
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Black
Weight (Approx.)
  • 74 kg (approx)
Height (Approx.)
  • 5 feet 9 inches (approx)
Body Measurements (Approx.) – Chest: 41 inches
– Waist: 32 inches
– Biceps: 13 inches

Career, Assets, Educational Qualification :

Profession Former Military, Attorney, Politician,
Schooling Neighborhood School
University or College
  • Concord University
  • The West Virginia University College of Law
  • The Judge Advocate General’s Legal Centre and School
Qualification UG, JD Degree

Interesting Facts:

  • Military Service: Before entering politics, Ballard served in the U.S. Army, contributing significantly to major operations.
  • Educational Attainment: Ballard studied at esteemed institutions like Concord University and the West Virginia University College of Law, showcasing exceptional intelligence and dedication.
  • Legal Expertise: As a former partner at Headley Ballard LLC, Ballard gained valuable experience in law, providing him with a nuanced understanding of legal matters.
  • Republican Affiliation: Ballard is aligned with the Republican Party, advocating for its ideals and principles.
  • Varied Interests: Ballard enjoys American cuisine and holds a special fondness for the vibrant city of Lisbon. He admires actors Denzel Washington and Nicole Kidman, reflecting a cultural appreciation.
  • Financial Success: As of 2023, Ballard’s estimated net worth ranges from 4 to 7 million dollars, showcasing his success in various endeavors.
  • Physical Presence: Standing at approximately 5 feet 9 inches and weighing around 74 kilograms, Ballard exudes a commanding presence.
  • Deep Faith: Ballard follows the Christian faith, which influences his approach to public service and decision-making.
  • Effective Representation: Ballard’s effectiveness as a representative for the 12th district in the Virginia House of Delegates is widely admired, reflecting his commitment to enacting meaningful change.
  • Private Life: While specific details about his family and personal relationships remain undisclosed, it is clear that Ballard’s dedication extends beyond his public role, highlighting a private aspect of his life.

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Contact/Phone Number Yet To Update
Email Not sure
Favorite Color Red
Favorite Place Lisbon

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