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Anand Mohan Singh is a name that echoes in the annals of Indian politics. He is known for his fiery speeches, revolutionary ideas, and unwavering determination to fight for the rights of the marginalized. This article delves into the life and times of Anand Mohan Singh, his contributions to Indian politics, and his legacy that still lives on.

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28 January 1954


70 years, 2 month, 25 days, 22 hours, 4 minutes, 24 seconds.
25652 Total days.

Anand Mohan Singh: The Controversial Politician Who Made Headlines

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Anand Mohan Singh, born on January 28, 1954, is an Indian politician and founder of the Bihar People’s Party (BPP). Very populary called as newsmaker in northern part of India, Especially in State of Bihar. Anand Mohan’s Current age is 70 years, 2 month, 25 days. He comes forom a Family Whose Caste is Tomar Rajput.

In 1994, he was found guilty of inciting the murder of the Gopalganj district magistrate, G. Krishnaiah, and sentenced to life in jail for his crime. In April of 2023, the Government of Bihar made changes to the laws of the prison that would allow for his early release.

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Pachgachhia, which is located in the Saharsa district of Bihar, is where Anand Mohan Singh Tomar hails from. The Tomar Rajput Family is one that he is a member of. He is the grandson of the Indian independence warrior Ram Bahadur Singh Tomar, who was his great-grandfather.

His participation in the Sampoorna Kranti movement, which was led by Jayaprakash Narayan, and which resulted in him dropping out of college in 1974, was how he first became involved in politics.

Singh has had a variety of accusations brought up against him at different periods, the most of which have either been dismissed or ended in an acquittal.In 1994, he and six other persons, including his wife Lovely Anand, were accused of murdering a Dalit District Magistrate (DM) from Gopalganj named G. Krishnaiah.

The murder took place on a major highway close to Muzaffarpur during a funeral cortege for the BPP member and gangster Chhotan Shukla. Lovely Anand was one of the accused individuals. In 2007, the Patna High Court found him guilty of aiding and abetting the crime and condemned him to death. In 2008, when the six other defendants were also found not guilty owing to a lack of evidence, the sentence was changed to one of life imprisonment with strict conditions.

The reason for the decrease in Singh’s sentence was that there was insufficient evidence to suggest that he was the actual attacker. In 2012, Singh’s appeal to the Supreme Court of India against the lower term was rejected. Singh was appealing the sentence. During the same hearing, the Supreme Court rejected an appeal brought by the state government of Bihar seeking the reintroduction of the death sentence and the reversal of the acquittal of six further individuals.

Singh was the first Indian politician to be sentenced to death since the country’s independence to face the death penalty when the first conviction was handed down in 2007. Soon after receiving that punishment, upon being transported from Patna’s Beur jail to that of Bhagalpur, Singh embarked on a hunger strike in protest of the amenities and of being split away from Akhlaq Ahmed and Arun Kumar, who had gotten death sentences in the same case as Singh.

Akhlaq Ahmed and Arun Kumar had both received death sentences in the same case. The administrators at the prison did not show any compassion for the condemned individuals, pointing out that the regulations required them to sleep on the floor and that they were only permitted to consume basic foods. In April of 2023, Nitish Kumar, who was then the Chief Minister of Bihar, changed the regulations of the prison so that he might be released sooner.

Name Anand Mohan Singh
Net Worth 70 M USD
Gender Male
Popular As Politician
Date of Birth Thursday, May 25, 1972
Birth Place Ara, Bihar
Zodiac/Star Sign Gemini
Currently Residing In (Address) Pachgachhia village
Nationality/Ethnicity Indian
Religion Hinduism
Caste Tomar Rajput
Food Culture Not Sure

Anand Mohan Singh Political Journey:

Anand Mohan Singh spent his whole childhood in the Indian state of Bihar, where he was born. Before entering politics, he received his degree from the illustrious St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai, where he studied for his whole schooling. In the 1980s, he joined the Janata Dal party and got his start in the political arena in that capacity.

Anand Mohan Singh ascended through the ranks of the party with remarkable speed and was elected to represent the Arrah constituency in Bihar as a member of Parliament in the year 1989. He was re-elected in 1991, but due to his role in the destruction of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, he was kicked out of the party the following year in 1992.

The establishment of the Bihar People’s Party:

In 1993, Anand Mohan Singh and Lovely Anand, his wife, established what would later be known as the Bihar People’s Party (BPP). The political organisation was established with the goals of advancing regionalism in Bihar and advocating for the rights of society’s more marginalised members and groups.

The BPP’s stance against corruption and its emphasis on uplifting the poor and marginalised contributed to the party’s rise to prominence in the state of Bihar. Anand Mohan Singh’s charm and impassioned speeches attracted big audiences to his rallies, which contributed to the BPP’s gradual rise to prominence as a formidable political power in the state.

The Murder of the Gopalganj District Magistrate:

In 1994, Anand Mohan Singh was complicit in the plot that led to the death of G. Krishnaiah, who served as the district magistrate for Gopalganj. A group of heavily armed assailants carried out the murder by storming the building housing the collectorate and opening fire once inside.

Anand Mohan Singh was said to have been enraged with G. Krishnaiah for not allowing him to organise a rally in the district, which is why he is suspected of being the one who instigated the murder. In 2007, he was found guilty of his role in the murder and sentenced to life in jail along with many other BPP leaders who were also apprehended at the scene of the crime.

The Exoneration of D. Anand Mohan Singh from Prison:

In April of 2023, the government of Bihar made changes to the regulations of the prison to make it possible for Anand Mohan Singh to be released early. The judgement has been received with significant condemnation, with many individuals believing that it sends the wrong message to society and weakens the rule of law.

The family of G. Krishnaiah, who are still looking for justice for their loved one’s murder, has voiced their opposition to Anand Mohan Singh’s release as well. They have stated that releasing Anand Mohan Singh would be an insult to the memory of their loved one and would create a dangerous precedent for those who commit crimes that are comparable to the one that Anand Mohan Singh committed.

The Contentious Impact of Anand Mohan Singh’s Legacy:

His involvement in the case of the murder of the Gopalganj district magistrate has cast a shadow over a significant portion of Anand Mohan Singh’s political career. However, his fans contend that he was a champion of the poor and marginalised and that he battled relentlessly for their rights. They claim that he was a champion of the poor and that he was a fighter for their rights.

In spite of the controversy that has surrounded his legacy, Anand Mohan Singh continues to be a divisive figure in Bihar’s political landscape. Some people remember him as a bold leader who battled against corruption and advocated for the rights of those who were on the margins of society. Some people have the opinion that he is a criminal who needs to be held responsible for his acts.

Anand Mohan Singh Relationship, Affairs And Family:

Home Town Bihar
Marital Status Married
Girlfriend(s) Not Known
Wife Lovely anand (married in 1991)
Children 3

Son – Chetan anand

Father Name  Yet To Know
Mother Name Yet To Know
Siblings Brother – None
Sister – None

Physical Characteristics & Traits:

Skin Tone Fair
Hair Color White
Eye Color Black
Weight (Approx.) 74 Kg
Height (Approx.) 5.7 Feet

Interesting Facts:

  • Anand Mohan Singh is a Born and Brought up Bihar, he comes from a Freedom Fighters Family.
  • He belongs to Tomar Rajput Caste, which is a High Class Community in Bihar.
  • Anand Mohan Singh was an accomplished athlete in his youth and represented Bihar in the National Games.
  • He was also a talented actor and appeared in a number of Bhojpuri films in the 1980s.
  • Anand Mohan Singh was known for his fiery speeches and his ability to draw large crowds to his rallies.
  • He was expelled from the Janata Dal party in 1992 for his involvement in the demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya.
  • Anand Mohan Singh was the first MP to be arrested under the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act in 1993.
  • He founded the Bihar People’s Party (BPP) in 1993 with the aim of promoting regionalism in Bihar and fighting for the rights of the marginalized sections of society.
  • Anand Mohan Singh was accused of instigating the murder of Gopalganj district magistrate, G. Krishnaiah in 1994, for which he was sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • He was also accused of instigating the killing of former Bihar Chief Minister, Brij Bihari Prasad in 1998.
  • Anand Mohan Singh is married to Lovely Anand, who is also a former member of the Bihar Legislative Assembly.
  • His release from jail in April 2023 after the amendment of jail rules has been met with widespread criticism and opposition.
  • Despite his controversial legacy, Anand Mohan Singh remains a prominent figure in Bihar’s politics, and his life and career continue to be a subject of much interest and debate.

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