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30 May 1974


49 years, 9 month, 4 days, 3 hours, 3 minutes, 24 seconds.
18175 Total days.

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Nomthi Odukoya, previously known by her birth name Rosemary Simangele Zulu, gained widespread recognition as the wife of Taiwo Odukoya. Born on May 30, 1974, in South Africa, she regrettably passed away on November 9, 2021, at the age of 47. Nomthi Odukoya was of African Black ethnicity.

Regarding her financial standing, Nomthi Odukoya’s net worth was estimated at around $800,000 USD. This information is provided to offer insights into her financial context while acknowledging her multifaceted contributions and accomplishments.

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Apart from her roles as an esteemed educator, mentor, and author, Nomthi Odukoya held a significant position as a senior pastor at the Fountain of Life Church. She displayed remarkable fearlessness and diligence throughout her life, particularly evident in her steadfast stance on crucial topics such as gender equality and the treatment of children. Her convictions on these matters garnered her a substantial and devoted following.

Nomthi Odukoya’s impact extended to the realm of literature, as she authored several books addressing pertinent issues concerning children. In the year 2010, she joined her life with Pastor Taiwo Odukoya’s in matrimony. Sadly, her remarkable journey was marked by a valiant battle against cancer over the span of a couple of years, ultimately leading to her passing in 2021.

Stage Name Rosemary Simangele Zulu
Pet/Nick name Nomthi Odukoya
Net Worth Yet To Update
Sex/Gender Female
Date of Birth Thursday, May 30, 1974
Birth Place South Africa
Zodiac/Star Sign Aries
Currently Residing In (Address)  Passed away on 9 November, 2021
Nationality/Ethnicity – South African
Age While Dead 47 Years Old
Religion Christian
Alive/Dead Dead
Favorite Food African Dishes

Relationship, Affairs And Family:

Marital Status Married
Boyfriend (s) Taiwo Odukoya
Husband (s) Taiwo Odukoya
Children 2 Children
Parents Father : – YTK

Mother: – YTK

Siblings Brother(s) : –
Sister(s) : –¬†
Favorite Actress Stephanie Okereke Linus
Favorite Actor South Africa

Physical Characteristics & Traits:

Skin Tone Fair
Hair Color Blackish
Eye Color Blackish
Weight (Approx.)
  • 147.7 in Lbs
  • 67 Kilograms in Kg
Height (Approx.)
  • 5 feet 5inches
  • 1.7 in Meters
  • 167.6 in Cm

Career, Assets, Educational Qualification :

Profession Author, Educationist, Pastor
Schooling Neighborhood School
University or College University of Liverpool, Natal College of Education
Qualification Graduate Degree

Interesting Facts:

  • Name Transition: Nomthi Odukoya, born Rosemary Simangele Zulu, underwent a name transition that reflected her journey and identity. This shift highlighted her embracing of new roles and responsibilities in her life.
  • Cross-Cultural Roots: Hailing from South Africa, Nomthi Odukoya’s heritage showcased the richness of cross-cultural influences. Her background and experiences contributed to her unique perspectives and contributions.
  • Multifaceted Roles: Beyond being known as Taiwo Odukoya’s wife, Nomthi Odukoya was a senior pastor at the Fountain of Life Church. Her involvement in religious leadership, coupled with her roles as an educator, mentor, and author, illustrated her multifaceted talents.
  • Author and Advocate: Nomthi Odukoya’s passion for impacting lives extended to her literary works. She authored books addressing various issues relevant to children. Her commitment to gender equality and the well-being of children resonated with many.
  • Fearless Stances: Notably, Nomthi Odukoya was admired for her fearlessness in addressing challenging issues. Her unwavering stances on topics such as gender equality and the treatment of children showcased her dedication to positive change.
  • Love Story: The year 2010 marked the significant moment when Nomthi Odukoya and Pastor Taiwo Odukoya tied the knot. Their love story was a testament to their shared values and the bond they formed.
  • Health Battle: Nomthi Odukoya’s life journey included a courageous battle against cancer. Her strength and resilience during this challenging time served as an inspiration to many, demonstrating her remarkable character.
  • Legacy of Impact: Through her teachings, writings, and advocacy, Nomthi Odukoya left a lasting impact on her community and beyond. Her legacy continues to influence individuals striving for positive change.
  • Physical Presence: Described as possessing an attractive appearance, Nomthi Odukoya had a height of around 5 feet 5 inches and a weight of approximately 67 kg. Her physical presence complemented her impactful presence in various spheres of life.
  • Financial Context: Nomthi Odukoya’s net worth was estimated to be around $800,000 USD, reflecting her accomplishments and contributions. This financial context underscored her achievements while acknowledging her holistic impact.

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Contact/Phone Number Yet To Update
Email Not sure
Favorite Color Cardinal
Favorite Place South Africa

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