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1 January 1962


62 years, 3 month, 12 days, 13 hours, 4 minutes, 24 seconds.
22748 Total days.

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Francis Bola Akin-John, a distinguished author hailing from Nigeria, is renowned for his extensive contributions to the field of church development, leadership, and overall spiritual well-being. His literary endeavors have birthed a plethora of resources that are presently instrumental in guiding thousands of church leaders worldwide. In 1994, he laid the foundation for what has evolved into the esteemed Church Growth Ministry, further solidifying his legacy in the realm of spiritual leadership.

Francis Bola Akin-John’s Age, Wiki, Wife, Girlfriend, Books, Kids, Family, Photos, Networth, Height, Religion, Birthday, Caste, Weight and More

Born in Nigeria, Akin-John’s journey spans six to seven decades, placing him in the 60-70 year age range as of 2023, according to various reputable sources. His academic background is currently undisclosed, though his profound impact on the religious community speaks volumes about his profound insights and knowledge. With his Tentative Date of birth, he will be aged  62 years, 3 month, 12 days today.

Having assumed the role of a minister in 1988, Akin-John oversaw five denominational congregations over the course of eight years. His influence extended far beyond the pulpit, as he orchestrated numerous conferences across Nigeria, Africa, and Europe, empowering over 30,000 church leaders. Notably, Akin-John is the author of 35 publications, including notable works such as ‘Grow the Pastor, Grow the Church’, ‘The Impact-Driven Church’, and ’22 Laws of Church Growth, which have collectively garnered widespread acclaim.

The inception of the International Institute of Church Growth stands as a testament to Akin-John’s commitment to nurturing the growth and development of religious leaders. Through this institute, he has imparted invaluable knowledge and wisdom to more than 5,000 pastors and leaders, shaping their perspectives on church dynamics.

Physically, Akin-John possesses a commanding presence, standing at approximately 5 feet 11 inches and weighing around 82 kilograms. His distinguished appearance is marked by a bald head and expressive black eyes. With an estimated net worth ranging between $0.5 to 1 million as of 2023, Akin-John’s influence extends beyond the spiritual realm.

In matters of faith, Akin-John follows the Christian doctrine, finding strength in his religious convictions. Reverend Mrs. Oluwakemi Akin-John stands as his cherished partner in life, though details regarding his parents, children, and siblings remain private. When it comes to personal preferences, Akin-John holds Yul Chibuike Daniel Edochie as his favorite actor, while Genevieve Nnaji captivates him as a preferred actress. His culinary inclinations lean towards African cuisine, and the allure of Rome has earned it a place as his favored destination. The color yellow holds a special place in his heart, resonating with attributes of warmth, positivity, and vitality.

In essence, Francis Bola Akin-John’s profound influence transcends literary boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of church leadership and spiritual development. His unwavering dedication to empowering fellow leaders stands as a testament to his enduring legacy.


Stage Name Francis Bola Akin-John
Pet/Nickname Bola
Net Worth Yet To Update
Sex/Gender Male
Date of Birth 1953-1963
Birth Place Nigeria
Zodiac/Star Sign Sagittarius
Currently Residing In (Address) AuthorNigeria
Nationality Nigerian
Caste N/A
Religion Christian
Alive/Dead Alive
Favorite Food African Cuisine

Relationship, Affairs And Family:

Marital Status Married
Girlfriend Currently None
Wife Rev. Mrs. Oluwakemi Akin-John
Children Not Revealed
Parents Father: – YTK

Mother: – YTK

Siblings Brother(s) : –
Sister(s) : – 
Favorite Actress Genevieve Nnaji
Favorite Actor Yul Chibuike Daniel Edochie

Physical Characteristics & Traits:

Skin Tone/Ethnicity Dark Black
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Black
Weight (Approx.)
  • 82 kg
Height (Approx.)
  • 5 feet 11 inches
Body Measurements (Approx.) – Chest: 43 inches
– Waist: 33 inches
– Biceps: 14 inches

Career, Assets, Educational Qualification :

Profession Author
Schooling Neighborhood School
University or College Local College
Qualification Graduate Degree

Interesting Facts:

  • Francis Bola Akin-John, a distinguished Nigerian author, has penned numerous resources on church development, leadership, and spiritual growth, becoming a guiding force for thousands of church leaders worldwide.
  • Akin-John established the Church Growth Ministry in 1994, an institution that has since become a cornerstone in the realm of spiritual leadership and development.
  • Despite being born in Nigeria, specific details about Akin-John’s birth year remain uncertain, placing him in the age range of 60-70 years as of 2023, according to various sources.
  • Akin-John’s literary contributions have sold thousands of copies, with notable titles like ‘Grow the Pastor, Grow the Church’ and ‘The Impact-Driven Church’ being widely acclaimed in the religious community.
  • As a minister since 1988, Akin-John’s leadership extended to five denominational congregations over an eight-year span, demonstrating his deep-rooted commitment to his faith and community.
  • Akin-John’s influence has reverberated across continents, as he has hosted conferences for over 30,000 church leaders in Nigeria, Africa, and Europe, further cementing his status as a global authority on church growth.
  • The International Institute of Church Growth, founded by Akin-John, has equipped over 5,000 pastors and leaders with invaluable insights into fostering church development and leadership.
  • Physically, Akin-John stands tall at approximately 5 feet 11 inches, with a weight of around 82 kilograms, presenting a commanding presence in both his spiritual and physical pursuits.
  • Akin-John’s net worth is estimated to range between $0.5 to 1 million as of 2023, underscoring his significant impact in the religious and literary spheres.
  • A devout Christian, Akin-John finds strength and inspiration in his faith, and he shares this spiritual journey with his cherished wife, Rev. Mrs. Oluwakemi Akin-John.
  • While Akin-John’s professional accomplishments are well-documented, he maintains a degree of privacy concerning his family, including details about his parents, children, and siblings.
  • Akin-John’s personal preferences reflect his cultural roots and worldly experiences, from favoring actors like Yul Chibuike Daniel Edochie and actresses like Genevieve Nnaji to enjoying the rich flavors of African cuisine and holding a special fondness for the historic city of Rome. The color yellow resonates with him, symbolizing warmth, positivity, and vitality in his life and work.

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Contact/Phone Number Yet To Update
Email Not sure
Favorite Color Yellow
Favorite Place Rome

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